The Aerial Robotics and Experimental Autonomy Lab (AREAL) at Georgia Tech conducts research at the intersection of vehicle design, dynamic analysis, and control system engineering toward the overall goal of developing and improving actively-controlled robotic systems.  Particular research interests include design of novel vehicle configurations, stochastic guidance and control, and aspects of control and estimation for modular robotic systems. Application focus areas range from ground robots to unmanned air vehicles and smart weapons systems. At AREAL, our projects vary in scope from preliminary design of new vehicle configurations to simulation and flight test of novel control algorithms. Specific emphasis is placed on developing a fundamental understanding of theoretical principles with a focus on applying theory to solve real-world problems. The lab currently operates several ground and aerial robotic vehicles, enabling end-to-end engineering design and analysis through theoretical development, simulation, and implementation on actual vehicle platforms.

Dr. Jonathan Rogers, Associate Professor in the Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering, leads AREAL. He brings experience in both government and academia, and has contributed extensively to the field of guidance, navigation, and control systems for autonomous vehicles.